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Monster Bash from And Everything Sweet. Dino-Mite Party from Buggie and Jellybean. Incredibles Party from Bee in our Bonnet. Chuggington Party from Tiffany Bills Designs.

Safari Party from Sweet Rose Studio. Bug Party from Pizzazzerie. Train Party from Sweets Indeed. Camping Party from The Homespun Hostess. Micky Party from Oopsey Daisy. Soccer Party from Swanky::Chic::Fete. Retro Bowling Party from Anders Ruff. Robots and Rockets Party via Design Dazzle. Pirate Party from Pink Piggy Designs. Construction Party from Team Smith. Lego Party from Crackers Art.

Outer Space Party via Half Baked.

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Boy vs. Willy Wonka Party from Crackers Art. There you have it—50 super amazing birthday party ideas for the boys! Did You Make This? Your email address will not be published. Did you make this recipe? Rate it:. It was really an awesome collection of party ideas! The boys are always changing their minds on what kind of birthday party they want. But one things for sure they love a themed birthday party. They did extremely well.

Nice way to finish off. These are some great birthday party ideas. My son would totally love that Willy Wonka Themed party. We narrowed it down to our favorite inspiring party details that work no matter who's celebrating.

Boys Birthday Party Themes

These are some of the best gender-neutral birthday party ideas ever. When planning a gender-neutral birthday party, consider color. Go with every hue for an incredible rainbow theme, or choose a few colors that blend well and go wild. Let those colors be part of everything -- decor, goodie bags, even costumes if kids are up for that. A rainbow of colors feels happy and joyful, and it's a guarantee that all guests will see their favorite.

But we also can't forget about the power of black and white. The contrasting scheme is extra exciting for the littlest eyes, but it also has a chic feel for the fashionable kid.

Kids Party Themes

Also consider theme. Kids tend to love animals; they can be a cartoon-ish style or a more realistic take on favorites like owls, bears, pandas, tigers, or really any combination of beautiful beasts. More themes to consider include outer space, carnival, a favorite subject like science, or an all-around kid favorite: monsters. Kids have travel dreams, too. This child was in love with Paris and so the birthday theme followed.

We're all obsessed with the Olympics right now but it's inspiring all the time. An Olympic-themed party is perfect for all kids, no matter what sport they're interested in. Desserts are a major part of a kid's party, and these ridiculously cute ice cream cone cake pops are amazing. A summer-themed party idea is really for any "kid" of any age, but how sweet are those lemon cups?!

Kids are going to love those. Kid loves a certain soda that he or she doesn't get to enjoy most of the time because of the limited sugary drink rule? Break that rule for a soda-themed birthday bash! Party hats and eye masks -- how perfect is this idea? Plus, they make great keepsakes for the little ones. Not only would this party make the science kids happy, but it may get even more kids interested in the subject, too.

A birthday party is where kids are allowed to overload on sugar, and in that spirit, why not have a candy bar?! Not only are these brightly colored accessories fun for the party, but they make great goodie bag items, too. Even if the party isn't in an actual barn, why not incorporate farm animals and decor into a fun party?

It's a color explosion and we love it. The photos from this rainbow party will be extra cool, too. Cars and stars in bright colors will never disappoint. Oh and since we're talking about cookies Black, red, yellow, and white are fun -- especially in these saturated hues. But what we love most is the blackboard wall Candy-shop-level excitement will always be welcome by kids, and a setup like this won't disappoint.

Parents can make their own banner out of scrap fabric and the "Happy" part can stay up all year long. Cookies shaped like dinosaurs and their dino eggs make great additions to a little pterodactyl's party. Everyone loves sprinkles, and a fun idea is to have kids add sprinkles to their own cupcakes and doughnuts.

Birthday Party Decorations, Birthday Decorations for Girls, Birthday Decorations for Boys

Colorful, lively, exciting, and fun, a carnival party theme will bring smiles to every kid at the bash. Looking to the sky for inspiration, this birthday party theme includes hot air balloons. The soothing colors are quite pleasing, too. To make all the kids happy, hire someone who knows how to make balloon animals.

Or better yet, someone to teach the kids how to make them as well. We typically don't condone balloon popping, but these giant balloons are confetti filled and would be fun to pop at the end of the birthday party. For those looking to go all out, consider decorating with tiny tents and having individual eating tables, perfect for crafting as well.

number 9 birthday theme Number 9 birthday theme
number 9 birthday theme Number 9 birthday theme
number 9 birthday theme Number 9 birthday theme
number 9 birthday theme Number 9 birthday theme
number 9 birthday theme Number 9 birthday theme

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