Gemini man horoscope weakness

Gemini Love and Sex

They have a hard time finding a sexual attraction with people that have good looks but are not very intelligent. When it comes to romantic relationships, they have to feel motivated and adventurous with the person beside them. They also need someone who understands their regular personality shifts and mood swings, and once they find that person they will never let them go. To a Gemini, sex is always going to be a light-hearted affair. It has to be a fun experience, because love and devotion are not necessary for the Geminis to enjoy the experience.

While this approach is considered superficial by many, for others it's a welcome relief from those intense love affairs.

The Gemini horoscope sign is most compatible with people born under the signs of Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius. Communicative, energetic, witty, imaginative and restless, Gemini is a partner who's always looking for new ways of pleasure. Ruled by Mercury, the messenger of Gods, Gemini individuals are known for their communication skills and friendly personality. A relationship with a Gemini is as unpredictable and unstable as it gets. These childish spirited people find it difficult to be in a serious relationship.

Your Biggest Strength and Weakness Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Also, they don't particularly like the idea of finding one true love and staying committed to them. Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius and fellow Gemini seem to not be bothered by their approach to love, as they are highly compatible with the Twins. Learn more about Gemini compatibility with other zodiac signs here:. Geminis are well suited for careers that require clear and easy communication. Thanks to their incredible communication skills and their intelligent minds, Gemini people can interact well with others.

The mind of Gemini keeps coming up with new and innovative ideas and has the ability to see things in a different light, which makes the Gemini a great employee. Gemini people are not overly concerned about the money they possess and they can quite happily spend all their cash on one project only if they find it sufficiently interesting. A Gemini man is charming and lively — a man with very active body and mind.

Being ruled by the planet Mercury, the Gemini man loves traveling and gets easily bored. He is impatient, unpredictable and restless, but very friendly and affectionate towards other people. A Gemini man loves to communicate with people and is a very intelligent man with a great sense of humor. He loves to enjoy life to the fullest while monotony and routine suffocate him.

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He rarely gets into a serious relationship and has a tendency to change his partners often. One of his biggest fears is being mistrusted or being misunderstood. A Gemini woman is talkative and very analytical. She has a rational outlook towards life and is easily approachable and career oriented person. The woman born under this sun sign is usually very charming, friendly, witty and outspoken.

She loves to travel and explore new places. The Gemini woman is always optimistic and trusts people, so obviously she has many good friends. When she is in a relationship, she is not possessive and gives complete freedom and independence to her partner. In order to keep her attention, her partner needs to express himself fully and openly. According to the zodiac Gemini woman is often unpredictable and is always on a quest for stimulation, both mental and physical. You've been working hard to achieve your goals, so the rewards will be plentiful in , as long as you maintain your focus, boldness, and discipline in each of your endeavors.

This is not so easy for you, Gemini, as you get bored quickly, so this year choose a task and stick to it. You are the most adaptive zodiac sign, so you're not afraid of changes. In the beginning of the year, you will face some challenges, so you will need to focus more on your health and relationships. Thanks to your dedication and focus, things will get better in February and March. Eclipses in the months of February and August will change your communication strategy, so your words will become even more meaningful.

You're always giving your all in your love relationships, which is not so easy for you. Your unstable nature often makes you distracted, so your partner might feel neglected by you at times. In the beginning of the year, as Saturn moves into the sign of Sagittarius, you may feel upset and distressed in love.

If you're already in a relationship, a recurring conflict might appear yet again, However, if you're looking for love, you might find yourself feeling depressed at this time. You will need to relax and allow these difficult moments to pass because as March comes along, things will brighten up. Between March and April, you can expect something exciting to happen; perhaps the soulmate you've been looking for will finally come into your life. You'll be bursting with creativity for most of the year, which is awesome but if you focus all your energy on your mental faculties, you'll quickly run out of power and you will need to recharge.

Even though health concerns are minimal for your sign this year, be sure to do a health checkup just to make sure everything is alright. You may need to make some changes to your diet by adding more fiber and loads of leafy greens. Regular exercise is also recommended in order to relieve stress and tension. Your ideal career is one that is constantly changing and is always offering new job opportunities. Gemini is a supportive and encouraging friend. Gemini knows how to smooth talk their way into just about anything. Facebook Twitter Pinterest.

Click Here to Leave a Comment Below. They keep fleeting from one project to another. Their perpetual movement makes the romantic prospects of Gemini extremely unstable and jittery. They are also people who somehow lack depth. Their dual and inconsistent nature does not let them concentrate on any one thing at any time. They can be suspicious and superficial too. The Gemini people are irresolute and inconsistent. Yet they are intelligent and witty. But you will never be able to be sure which side you are talking to.

Gemini Zodiac Sign Meaning in Astrology

They are concerned and connected to everything related to the mind, and being of razor sharp wit and unusual humor, they make friends pretty easily. They are surely the masters of communication having been able to learn up also couple of languages and having a passing knowledge of everything that is happening around them. But unfortunately the Gemini born people are extremely inconsistent and they never delve deep into anything.

It is their impatience and boredom of the mundane that does not let them delve deep into things.

Because of their dual nature they are never rooted at one place and appear to want to know everything that is happening. This actually at times makes them appear as the snooping people meddling at others affairs. Being ultimate orators and attractive, they become the cynosure of all eyes in a party and thus they enjoy spending life.

Astrology Gemini Personality Traits

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communications. Thus being great orators, almost all those professions which involve oratory and communication suit the Gemini born to a T. Since these people are naturally nosy, they are often successful in digging up things and can become successful journalists too. Their creativity can be channelized into doing something of aesthetic interest. Gemini born people can also prove to be a great wheeler and dealer. Solving problems and bringing in new ideas should be his forte. Unfortunately in most of the cases these people are too inconsistent to bring a task to completion.

The Gemini born people firmly believe that money is but a necessary evil, but most of the times do not know from where they will get it as they are too busy flitting from one interest to the other. They are seldom able to choose between practicality and pleasure. These are one of the most social people that you will come across in the whole world.

They love spending time with their friends and family and have umpteen numbers of friends. They being of wit and humor attract lot of friend in abundance and keep them glued. For the Gemini born people friendship with siblings is pretty common and they do make the best of friends. Family responsibilities often prove to be an arduous task for the Gemini born people, but in most cases they juggle it.

The Gemini born people are extremely charming. Their gift of the gab and their oratory can draw a lot of people of the opposite sex.

gemini man horoscope weakness Gemini man horoscope weakness
gemini man horoscope weakness Gemini man horoscope weakness
gemini man horoscope weakness Gemini man horoscope weakness
gemini man horoscope weakness Gemini man horoscope weakness
gemini man horoscope weakness Gemini man horoscope weakness
gemini man horoscope weakness Gemini man horoscope weakness
gemini man horoscope weakness Gemini man horoscope weakness

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