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Venus enters Scorpio

Know something about this? E-mail me at enjo live. I'm am also going crazy over seeing the number 17 everywhere and at random Im now at a point where I am writing down exactly where I see these numbers at to see if there is any pattern? Ok i been coming here for years never wrote anything..

What do i do?.. Am I missing somthing?? I want to know lol its 12 I was wondering if this year being will be a good one for me? Lif has been really hard in and gr82bus bresnan.

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This isn't about me personally, but my son was born on March 17, and he recently died on July 17, He died six months ago today, which is January 17, I see the number 17 everywhere. I never really noticed it until my son's death. Now I notice it when I look at a clock, the mileage in my car, watching tv, and various other places. I just wonder if he is trying to tell me something, or am I just grasping at anything because I miss him so much? I'm sorry about your son and pray that you find peace.

Numerology: Secrets of your Birthday - 8th, 17th, 26th: Number 8 Life Path - Michele Knight

I had a nephew, cousin, and Aunt to pass away on the 17th of those months. I use to think it was a sign of bad luck due to the death of loved ones on that date. However after the years have passed by, I feel like it is a sign to let them know they are still here in a sense. So I said all that to say, I feel like he is just letting you know he is your Angel and is looking over you.

Can u tell me somthing about me. NUMBER 17 Insight, responsibility, self-discipline, strength, compassion, spiritual consciousness, wisdom, a desire for peace and love for all of humanity. The number 17 is a highly spiritual number and has been expressed by the Ancient Chaldeans as the 8 Pointed Star of Venus. It is the Star of Love and Peace and promises a 17 person the will to rise superior in spirit to the trials and difficulties of earlier life. Many who come under these energies have extremely high psychic and clairvoyant abilities.

It is universal healing, truth and understanding. You need to have a purpose or a goal and then commit to it. If you do that then life will make a commitment to you.


Your number is all about responsibility. In accepting responsibility for your actions you will be set free. You actions in the past have resulted in where you are today and your actions today will determine where you end up in the future. Once you see that all too clearly then you will become incredibly empowered and an almost unstoppable force. There will be times when you may feel that your life is a prison in some way and you are unable to escape.

You may be living somewhere where you are not happy or caught up in a relationship that you know is no good for you but unable to break free from it.

Birthday Number 17

Or you may be stuck in a dead-end career or a poverty trap. You need to understand you are not trapped at all. You are where you are in your life because what you have thought about, worried about, pondered over in the past. If illness also strikes which it may if you have got yourself into a negative thought cycle, you need to look after your diet and take the time to examine how your thoughts and your attitude towards life have brought you to this place.

Your talents and abilities may be undervalued by a partner, your employer or even a parent in early life. Look and see if you are carrying the same judgement around.

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If you undervalue yourself then you cannot expect to succeed. Shed negative thoughts and have the courage to shed negative relationships too if you feel trapped by them — even if in doing so you may initially face a period alone. Your number calls for the courage of self-examination. The path you need to commit to is the one of your own soul freedom.

Your email address will not be published. People who were born on this day take too much upon themselves. Undoubtedly, such people can do much, but when business grows one person cannot handle everything. These people think that only they know what and how to do, and only they have to fulfill tasks. The most often opinion and abilities of others are under a big question for these people.

If it is about you, the advice for you is following: it is necessary to delegate some duties and responsibility to inferiors and just check the fulfillment of tasks. Try to divide job with others and to divide its fruits with others. It will work for your business and, in addition, it will bring you pleasure.

Numerology – Person Born on the 17th of the Month

Numerology Software Review Home Articles. They tend to use material resources as the solution to many problems or circumstances. They also have an affinity for business, efficiency, and building things that last for generations. A 17 is strong in business and is able to use it as a tool to accomplish personal goals. These goals are almost always linked to what they imagine are solutions that will benefit society as a whole. The number 17 is efficient and an effective manager. They are able to perceive the talents and abilities of employees or volunteers and place them in suitable roles.

They think logistically and are able to imagine potential problems and solutions before they arise. They are able to align all legalities and business needs for any projects or ideas they are working on. Their introspection plays a factor in this ability, as well. Once a decision or goal is made, they are able to secure the finances, physical locations, equipment, and personnel needed to accomplish the goal as efficiently as possible.

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So the basic essence of the number 17 is similar to the number 8.

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