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It encourages you to be a better person yourself.

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The most important things are the hardest to say, because words diminish them. We promise according to our hopes and perform according to our fears. I proved to myself that if I believe in something and set my mind to it I could actually accomplish it. If everything was perfect, you would never learn and you would never grow. I need to cater to other peoples wants and needs before I cater to my own wants and needs. Do you want help? Really plan these things out. Stop being so trigger happy, Virgo!

Scream loud enough so the neighbors can hear you. You are a great thinker and leader. You…wait, what is this? This is definitely not the right reading for a Scorpio, it must be a typo. Very funny things, Scorpio! The second-best is tasteless slow-acting poison. Either way, you got wronged, and you need to set things right, Sagittarius! Be careful, or logic will destroy you. It is difficult to say when he will return.

Perhaps take up drinking while crying in a quiet room. Thanks for nothing, stars! Another train leaves a station traveling east at 60 miles per hour. These two trains left on different days, in different years, in different countries. How long until the passengers acknowledge their own impermanence? Hold still. They cannot see you if you do not move. So long, Aries! And even though you have nothing but endless time trapped out in a nightmarish desert hellscape, you have a hard time making a phone call longer than ten minutes.

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Maybe call a bit more than you do, Taurus! Well, they add up. They are all organizing a pretty dramatic escape. Very soon, Gemini! Very soon! Episode 75 - Through the Narrow Place. Virgo : You should check under your bed before you go to sleep. Sagittarius : You worry too much about earthquakes and plane crashes. Capricorn : Stop throwing your money away on expensive cars and nice clothes.

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The owners of those cars and outfits do not appreciate the crumpled dollar bills you keep throwing on them! Why not just sit outside tonight, relax, look up at the stars, and know basically nothing about the world you live in. Pisces : Scorpions are not as dangerous as everyone thinks. Try to concentrate on that. Aries : I know this is a hard time for you, Aries, but remember: 'tis better to have loved and lost. Gemini : You will meet a tall, handsome stranger. He will introduce himself, you will come to know him well, and he will know you well.

He will grow older. His skin will sag and thin. He will no longer be handsome. He will no longer be a stranger.

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He will no longer be most of the things he once was. But he will always be tall.

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So tall. Very, very tall. Leo : Today is your lucky day! Which is good news, because tonight is your unlucky night. But enjoy this lucky day until the sun goes down. Until the very second the sun goes down. And then…and then…. Aries : Aries, you have much in common with a tree. A sadness that no one can see, or understand. Communication only through silence and wind.


Skin made of wood. The way you collect sustenance through roots buried in soil. Almost impossible to tell the difference. Taurus : Taurus, today is the day that you change everything. Uh, let me try that again, OK? You will be completely unrecognizable. There ya go.

Gemini: How scared are you of centipedes, Gemini? I mean, no reason. The stars are just asking. Like, you could handle a couple of centipedes! Right, Gemini? No reason. But you should at least feel great about the attempt. Virgo: Now, wait. The meditative Hermit also reminds Virgo to balance the meticulous details of daily life with a healthy dose of spirituality. The Virgin, so pure and perfect, is the symbol associated with the zodiac sign Virgo. The Virgin is known to be innocent and supportive, much like Virgo who has a fierce loyalty and humble servitude to those it loves.

Love and Compatibility for September 2 Zodiac

However, as strong as the Virgin loves, she also looks on with discriminating eyes and encourages Virgo to do the same. Mental and mouthy Mercury rules the intelligent yet witty sign of Virgo. As an incredibly observant and analytical sign, this skill makes Virgo a sensible source of information and ideas. This acute sense of knowledge and fact also makes Virgo a trustworthy and helpful ally. As the 6th sign in the zodiac, Virgo rules over the 6th House of Routine. The 6th house is a representation of your daily habits, your approach to wellness, work, and your concept of personal growth.

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virgo horoscope quotes Virgo horoscope quotes
virgo horoscope quotes Virgo horoscope quotes
virgo horoscope quotes Virgo horoscope quotes
virgo horoscope quotes Virgo horoscope quotes
virgo horoscope quotes Virgo horoscope quotes

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