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As always both Peta and Annabel have been hot the heels of the media, working hard on our behalf to try and ensure the APA is the first point of call when looking for comments or chasing stories such as the Geoffrey Dean article that appeared back in August. Peta wrote a strong response on our behalf. Colin Miles has also been beavering away sorting out the web pages and generally being a huge help behind the scenes on our behalf. Thank you Colin for all your efforts!

Details as follows Not only must we be professional astrologers…but we must also be seen to be astrologers who are professional! It is up to us — each and every one of us - to put across a credible image…. For this reason, we have arranged a very special day for all APA Members and their astrological friends. We have invited Executive Business Coach , Olivia Stefanino to run a 90 minute interactive session for us in which we will learn how to:. She encourages questions throughout her talk — as this ensures that we really do get what we really want to learn!!

Her background is eclectic, hence the naming of her company, Eklektika. During her talk to us, she will give practical and easily applicable tips and techniques to help to maximise our potential and achieve our goals. By using these techniques, Fiona will show us how to harness energy and the power of our mind to raise our astrological profile and generate business!!

Our host for the day Nick Campion, Senior Lecturer at Bath Spa University College, will also introduce to us, the courses and facilities offered by the Sophia Centre and give a brief tour of the beautiful grounds. I have been extremely fortunate to have been accepted on the M.

I will write a small report on my experiences for the next newsletter. If anyone is attending a course at the University of Kent or elsewhere, perhaps you would like to share you experiences and thoughts with us. As always, send any articles or information to me at the above email address.

Annabel has also written a very informative article on phone lines, this sort of information is priceless — after all — how many of us would know where to go, or how to begin to set up a phone line business? Again, if anyone has any information on increasing business or our profile, perhaps you would share this information with us.

At the last Council meeting, a decision was taken to produce the Newsletter twice a year. Reducing the Newsletter to two issues a year, will also reduce costs for the APA. Urgent information will be posted on the website. Please do make a note in your diary for the members day of the 20 th March It would be greatly appreciated if you could contact Robyn as soon as possible with your confirmation as we do have to give the caterers notice of numbers. Peta sets out the whys and wherefores below. In the meantime have a happy and prosperous New Year and we hope to meet many of you at Bath Spa in March.

There was a lot of interest in the APA and the fact that we had just included the NCGR Level 4 professional qualification in our list of accepted qualifications helped to make people aware of the APA as an umbrella organisation and give the opportunity for US astrologers to join.

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Council had much debate about how exactly to express our new title and it was tempting to put the word "International" first BUT then we should only come up on web searches under "I", which is not the right letter to bring us astrological interest! So here we are with a new title and a new, slightly adapted, logo.

We have a chart too for the new name although there is no way it replaces the original APA chart and that is October 25 In the next Newsletter we shall publish them and some of our own that should be interesting! The Science Correspondent of the Sunday Telegraph was on the phone, asking for my reaction, and was I not upset and outraged? Not really, although it was a nuisance to have to turn the potatoes off. I explained that birth charts are drawn with this data and considerable differences could be found within charts of the same day let alone the same year and month.

I assumed that was that, but no, silly season was in full effect, and consequently there was an impressive picture of disembodied heads of media astrologers in the prestigious Sunday Telegraph. As a result of this, the Daily Mail then got hold of the story with a much more sympathetic and balanced view. Our members who were asked to give their views were, unsurprisingly, articulate and informed in their response to the baiting of the media.

Personally, I feel that any publicity for astrology now can be good publicity; it brings out the defenders and demeans the attackers and the general public get a little bit more information than they had before. I know that Peta High, Nick Campion and Joyce Hopewell all did sterling work on the airwaves here, and continued to offer intelligent explanations of the role and workings of astrology. My role is one of disseminating information ask a Gemini Sun, Gemini rising person with Mercury in the first house! In some cases I have referred our members to potential work sources, and this morning I will be speaking to some students from Lincoln University about whether Mars is good or bad.

As far as advertising is concerned, the APA council have looked at the costs involved for advertising in the glossies and found it prohibitively expensive. The previous advert in She Magazine failed to produce any significant results for our members. There is however, and advert in the Prediction Annual.

This seems a good idea as it has a long shelf life and may be used as a reference by people over the next year. I continue to search for reasonably priced, suitable outlets which also accept advertising from astrologers. On a slightly different tack, if anyone would like to send out a mail shot to targeted people interested in astrology products I have some details of a company that supplies lists. Give me a call on if you would like further information. APA leaflets are continuing to be distributed by members and these are a good and economical method of advertising.

The best and of course, cheapest method is word of mouth. If you are not already doing so, ask your present clients to refer you to their friends and associates and do have a business card you can give out. Another tip: if you are on line go to www. Please send me any interesting news items from the press on all things astrological and I can save them for the archives. Star Wars II. The astrologer strikes back!

Yesterday the UK Sunday Telegraph reported a scientific study which gives "definitive proof" that "astrology is rubbish". The basis of their story is a 24 page report by "Dean and Kelly", published by "The Journal of Consciousness Studies". What a load of rubbish. I should have been suspicious as soon as I saw the authors' names. Geoffrey Dean has been knocking astrology for as long as I have been practising it.

His favourite trick is to "misunderstand" what it is that astrologers do and then surprise, surprise "prove" that this is not what they are doing at all! He has now teamed up with a sceptical psychologist called Ivan Kelly. Their latest shock revelation is based on a flawed experiment that Dean conducted He gave some personality tests to volunteers.

He then asked some astrologers to predict how shy or outgoing those volunteers would turn out to be. So far, so good. But in questionnaires like this, people are notoriously naughty. They will tend to say what they think makes them sound good. So liars will describe themselves as honest, show-offs will say that they really do not seek attention and bigots will call themselves fair minded. Such tests are dangerously unreliable as many observers, in the last 18 years, have been pains to point out. Dean and Kelly though, don't care.

They just gleefully report that the astrologers got it wrong The study contains another old chestnut involving "time twins". They looked at the lives of 2, people all born in early March They grouped each of these up into "pairs" and sought similarities between their levels of intelligence, anxiety, weight and height. They didn't find many. This, they say, disproves astrology yet again.

It sounds impressive till you realise that the pairings were made arbitrarily, without any cross-referencing to the wider group. The "tests" were performed only at the ages of 11, 16 and And ALL the participants were Piscean. Hardly a fair test of the whole zodiac! Once again, it turns out to be an experiment rigged to make astrology look silly, whilst cheekily claiming to be extra fair. This though, is nowhere near as wicked as their next trick which involves testing astrologers for clairvoyance! Hang on! Most astrologers claim no such power. Why would we go to all the trouble of calculating an accurate map of the sky, full of complex symbols involving multiple layers of meaning to be interpreted according to strict guidelines passed down for millennia And some scientists claim to have a truly open mind.

The sorry truth though, is that most scientists hate astrology with a vengeance. Academics who ever dare to remotely suggest a finding in favour of astrology have their work torn to shreds, their lectures met with howls of derision and their grants mysteriously "cut off". No wonder the only scientists who come near are the ones with a wrecking agenda!

One day the intellectuals of this world will drop their petty prejudices. Till then, be careful what you read in the Sunday broadsheets. A lot of it is hopelessly over-sensationalised! Alpha, for those of you who have never heard of it, is described as an opportunity for anyone to explore the Christian faith and it is supported by all the main Christian denominations.

It is for everyone, especially those wanting to investigate Christianity , for new Christians , newcomers to the church and those wanting to brush up on the basics. It is a course over ten weeks and consists of a series of talks looking at a range of topics and dividing into small groups after each talk for a time of discussion. It is relaxed, non-threatening, low key and meant to be fun, starting with a meal together at the beginning of each session, giving the opportunity for participants to get to know each other.

Alpha is escalating throughout the world, seems to attract lots of young people as well as all other age groups, and almost certainly you will find an Alpha course in the majority of towns throughout this country as well as many of our villages. When she announced that she was going to be baptised, I did a double take! I decided to go on the next course to see for myself how it had had this impact, quite expecting to find some cult-type thing with obsessive, compulsive, even manipulative tendencies!

Not at all! The talks were excellent and refreshingly down to earth and comprehensible. The discussions afterwards were sometimes stilted, but people began to thaw out as they got to know each other and a really empathetic atmosphere grew. I actually looked forward to going and really enjoyed the evenings and the company during the early summer months.

I did, however, keep quiet about the fact that I was an Astrologer until week seven. The young girl who gave the talk was just as vibrant, articulate and enthusiastic as were all the previous speakers, most of whom were young professionals like her. All chosen for their personal experiences and therefore their ability to illustrate their talks, I think she mentioned Astrology about three times and in the most detrimental way. The main objection seemed to be the fact that Astrologers predict the future. I realised that I could only speak for myself - not as a representative of the APA - although I did tell them that I was secretary of the organisation.

What came over clearly was that the vast majority of those present only knew about Sun-Sign Astrology. They had no problem with that. I described that I then give them an idea of the period ahead. I carefully called it forecasting. The dictionary translations go thus:. Prophecy - to foretell future events. Prediction - to forecast prophesy. I said that no way would I predict. I certainly leave them to make their own decisions. Fate and free will influence those anyway. Most of the participants were interested and non-committal but the group leaders were very strongly saying that we are wrong to influence clients by putting ideas into their heads.

One also said that if a client should come on a regular basis, it shows that they are relying on us to give them answers instead of relying on God. But what about counsellors, I argued? And doctors? But what about plants and trees being used for medicinal purposes, I asked? They had no answer to that.

I did make the point that nowhere in the Bible have I read the word Astrology and nowhere in the Bible did it mention disallowing predicting the future. They kept telling me to read Deuteronomy. Having read Deuteronomy, I could only see references to not worshipping the Sun, the Moon or other heavenly bodies. Do we do that? They remained blinkered, but I know I gave them food for thought at least. Nevertheless, it has taken my daughter a while to review and rethink what I do and whether I should be doing it - and finally I think! With this in mind, I would urge anyone interested in educating the public as to what a Professional Astrologer does, to take themselves off to their local Alpha class and at least enlighten them, if not convince them that what we do is not evil but done with the best of intentions, integrity and ethics.

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Annabel burton aries daily horoscope
Annabel burton aries daily horoscope
Annabel burton aries daily horoscope
Annabel burton aries daily horoscope
Annabel burton aries daily horoscope
Annabel burton aries daily horoscope
Annabel burton aries daily horoscope
Annabel burton aries daily horoscope
Annabel burton aries daily horoscope

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